winnebago elementary school

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The mission of the Winnebago PTO is to promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff of Winnebago Elementary School.  Our efforts serve to enhance and maximize the education of every child while aiding them in achieving their highest potential.   We strive to promote quality programs and abide by our bylaws for the care, protection, and education of children in the home, school and community. Building a stronger relationship between the home and school so that parents, teachers and administrators may work together in the total education of the child is a key goal of the Winnebago PTO. Each year the Winnebago PTO challenges itself to learn more, do more and provide more both inside and outside of our school community.



The Winnebago PTO also assists with functions designed to bring the school community together and allow for social interaction among students, families and the Winnebago teachers and staff.  Some of these school community events include:

  • Classroom parties
  • Movie nights
  • Benefit nights
  • Monthly meetings  


Community service is included in the mission of the PTO. Some of the service-related activities we sponsor include:

  • Collecting for the food pantry on an annual basis
  • Sending candy to those serving in the military
  • Sponsoring a “coin war” to collect money for books to be sent to underprivileged countries
  • Participating in Relay for Life in the fight against cancer. 




The PTO sponsors several fundraisers and events throughout the year in order to help achieve these goals.  Over the years, funds earned have contributed towards academic related tools such as:

  • Updating the IRLA books in circulation
  • Providing each classroom teacher a fund to purchase needed resources
  • Purchasing the One Book, One Winnebago books to encourage reading and unity throughout the school